Nyrstar Geophysical Survey
Nyrstar Geophysical Survey

Nyrstar Tennessee Mines Geophysical Survey

What are we doing?

Exploration and growth ...

Nyrstar Tennessee Mines will be conducting an exploratory geophysical survey to gain a better understanding of the minerals beneath the surface in the area. This type of exploration has been ongoing in the area for about 100 years.

We will begin work on our geophysical survey August, and we’ll be done later this fall. Leading up to the survey, you may see our crews clearing brush and debris away from properties in the survey area.

How do we do it?

A better way to survey ...

Until recently, this type of exploration required surface drilling and sometimes took years to complete. At Nyrstar Tennessee Mines, we’ve adopted a new subsurface technology called OreVision, which was developed by Abitibi Geophysics

  • This new technology allows us to get the data we need much faster while minimizing surface impact on your properties by using a stake-and-wire grid system rather than drilling.
  • We start by placing metal stakes that are marked with high-visibility flagging tape in the survey area. An insulated, protected electrical wire will be connected to each of the metal stakes and lie along the ground between each stake in rows of 30 stakes at a time, running north to south. 
  • Once the wires are connected, a certified team will work along each line section with electrical boxes that emit a signal through small sections of the wire. 
  • Only two stakes will be charged with a current at a time, and they will be staffed at either location at all times. Crew members will be in constant communication to ensure the wire is clear of contact with any people, animals or debris.
  • Once each set of lines is charged, crews will move the lines east to west, repeating the process until the entire grid is complete. 
  • This process is safe, and the use of electrical wires poses minimal danger to people, animals or property. Our crews are highly trained and certified for this type of work.
  • When they’re done, our crews will remove all stakes and equipment, making sure no holes or debris are left on your land. We’ll leave your property how we found it, if not better. That’s our promise to you. 

What's Next?

What if you find minerals on my property?

If our crews find favorable mineral data on your property, further exploration may be required. This would be handled on a case-by-case basis. While it’s unlikely that full-scale mining will result, please understand that our mining happens thousands of feet below the surface and should have no impact on your property. 

Mineral Rights

What are they, and who owns them?

When it comes to property, there are two types of ownership – surface and mineral – and each one includes different assets and can have different owners.

Surface Rights refer to ownership of the land, natural and man-made structures and the ability to till for crops, dig underground for wells, septic systems, etc.

Mineral Rights refer to ownership of what’s beneath the surface, including gas, oil and in this case, metal-yielding ore. Mineral Rights can be sold, bought and leased in the United States through outright payment or royalty payments.

Nyrstar Tennessee Mines acquired local Mineral Rights outright through transfers of mine ownership over time. 

Documentation of Mineral Rights can be difficult for a couple of reasons: one, the documents aren’t available in digital form, and two, many of today’s properties aren’t as they were when Mineral Rights transfers occurred – they have since been subdivided and sold off. Some of these transfers happened as many as 100 years ago. 

One way to find specific property information is to visit the county courthouse and do a search for the original deed to your property. You can also contact our Land Administrator for assistance.

Town Hall Meeting

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When: Aug. 2, 2018, 6 p.m.

Please join us for a town hall discussion about our upcoming geophysical survey. Company leadership and subject matter experts will be on-hand to listen to any concerns and answer your questions. Details below.

New Market Volunteer Fire Department

934 W Old Andrew Johnson Hwy, New Market, TN 37820



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